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My partner must really love me.

i wasn’t feeling good last night and I asked him to bring me his dugout so I could smoke. I had an awful stomach ache. He said “not in the bed!”. I heard him come in and rolled over to see he had flipped a tote upside down as a table next to me and brought me his dugout, a lighter, and a can for ashes.

I also woke up not feeling well today and I walked out into the kitchen and saw him with an Aleve in hand for my headache and pots on the stove to make breakfast. I gave him a break on breakfast this morning, but otherwise he has been making it for me almost every morning, even on the weekends.

Things are going swell despite hard financial times and my high-strung anxious mentality. I wish I could shake this! It makes me miserable.

I need a car. Taking mine to work everyday is a real Russian Roulette. It’s not even safe to drive any more. The shop said it’s not worth an oil change at this point and tried to talk me out of it. They won’t put it on a lift either in fear of the axle falling off. This kick in the face is awesome. And there’s nothing I can do about it. Should I just start selling everything I own?

I hate Saint Mary’s. I wish it would burn to the ground. FUCK THAT PLACE.

For my birthday my step-dad brought a card, a dozen roses, and cupcakes (a big 1 for me and mini ones for my co-workers) to my work. It was so sweet to the point that I almost cried. It meant a lot to me. A co-worker took me out to lunch as well.


Once I got home my boyfriend was too sore and tired to do anything.This factory job is hard on him. Don’t get me wrong, his muscles are super sexy. And they keep getting bigger! But this job beats him up. We played some Sega on my laptop (he got me the hardware to turn my laptop into a Genesis emulator! +downloaded games I’d been wanting!) but I got tired of sitting in the basement on the couch doing TV related things so I stopped. I really want to go play Pocahontas tonight though!

I had 2 friends text me for my birthday. My bff (who lives 4 hours away) and a friend from college (who lives in Boston… 15 hours away). Other than family and my boyfriend no one reached out to me beyond the stupid obligatory “Happy Birthday!” impersonal Facebook post.

And since I have no friends. I sat at home and did nothing on my birthday. Well, I ended up sitting on the edge of my bathtub crying hysterically in silence so Josh couldn’t hear. I am tired of this whole lack of friends issue. I don’t even have the chance to make new friends.

Before bed I indulged in some authentic home-grown Michigan dank straight from the grow-op. Shortly after we indulged in the giant cupcake my dad gave me. It was epic.


Tomorrow is Saturday and I work. I am spending the evening with my parents to fix my mom’s computer. I just want to get it over with. After work it’s a 1 day weekend since I won’t get to see Josh on Monday. He’ll be working while I’m off. Then it’s 7 days straight of being on-call! Oh how I love the 16 hour days…

Anonymous said:
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It’s our 2 year anniversary! Oh man, butterflies in my stomach like when we first got together! Feeling like a teenager in love!

So glad I can still feel this way after all we’ve been through.

We’re stronger than ever.


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