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I long for that feeling to not feel at all

I get optimistic about job hunting and then my heart gets broken every time.

Yesterday I worked from 8 am to 9:37 pm in the office.

I then worked on call from the time I got home until midnight.

Fuck you Corporate America

My manager tried to tell me I couldn’t get overtime since I was scheduled to be on call already. She also stated she wasn’t going to get overtime herself. Well, I’m not a manager. My other co-workers who stayed over past 5 pm got overtime. And that work was not “on call work”. We had just under 80 calls within a few hours and only 4 people to tackle them all. I would have never gotten through that alone at home. I never even got to leave the office because this all started before my on call shift began. I would have been required to stay even if I wasn’t on call.

So I went above my manager and went to our boss. Guess whose getting overtime?

I deserve it.

"Flashbulb Fusia" by O.P.I. and "Woodstock" eye liner by Urban Decay made this massive headache of an evening so worth it. #retailtherapy #treatyoself

Handling the big wigs at work after hours… for hours… is surely exhausting.

I have a massive headache but I held my own and even got a “thank you” from the executive who had me in tears on my lunch break just a month ago.

Corporate America sure knows how to kick your ass.

I got this!

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